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Custom Branded Cones

Rolling the perfect joint requires quality rolling papers, and our all-natural rice rolling papers are designed to elevate your rolling experience to new heights. Whether you're using a rolling machine or rolling by hand, our cones are crafted with precision to ensure a smooth and satisfying smoke. Here's what you can expect from our organic rice rolling papers:


Improved Gum, Crutch, and Filter Features: We've put extra care into perfecting the gum, crutch, and filter features of our cones. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your joints are less likely to burn unevenly, go limp, or finish underweight. With our rolling papers, you can enjoy a consistently superior smoking experience.


Compatibility with ANY Machine: Our cones are designed for universal compatibility, which means you can use them with ANY rolling machine you prefer. Whether you have a traditional rolling device or the latest innovation like the Doob Cube, our rolling papers are ready to deliver exceptional results.


Special Offer: We value our customers and want to reward your loyalty. Purchase 100,000 cones from us, and as a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a complimentary Cube in the color of your choice. This offer is our way of helping you take your pre-roll production to the next level with the Doob Cube.


Our all-natural rice rolling papers are not just papers; they are a commitment to quality and consistency in every joint you roll. With our improved gum, crutch, and filter features, you can count on an even burn, a sturdy structure, and a satisfying draw. And with our special offer, we're here to support your journey toward unlocking your full potential in the world of pre-roll production.


So, why wait? Elevate your pre-roll game today with our unrefined rice rolling papers and take advantage of our exclusive offer to receive a Doob Cube as your reward for choosing quality and excellence. It's time to roll with confidence and enjoy the perfect smoke every time.


Email your logo to for unlimited design renderings.


The above price chart includes all cone sizes and shipping.

Orders are finalized over the phone or email.

Custom Branded Cones

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