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Cone Plate

If you're in the business of pre-roll production and looking to significantly increase your output, the Doob Cube is your ultimate solution. With the ability to fill up to 285 cones at a time, this remarkable machine is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficiency and productivity. Here's how the Doob Cube's capacity works:


Impressive Cone Filling Capacity: The Doob Cube's primary feature is its capacity to fill up to 285 cones simultaneously. This means that with a single run of the machine, you can create a substantial number of pre-rolls, saving time and resources.


Scalable Output: To further enhance your production capabilities, the Doob Cube allows for the use of additional Cone Plates. These additional plates can be pre-loaded with cones, enabling you to increase your output significantly.


Multiple Plate Cycling: What truly sets the Doob Cube apart is its ability to cycle through multiple Cone Plates per hour. This means that as one set of cones is filled, the machine can seamlessly transition to the next set, maximizing your production efficiency.


Streamlined Production Process: With the Doob Cube's impressive capacity and the ability to cycle multiple plates, your pre-roll production process becomes highly streamlined. This not only increases your output but also ensures that you can meet the demands of a fast-paced market.


Whether you're a small-scale operation looking to scale up or a large production facility striving for even greater efficiency, the Doob Cube's capacity to fill up to 285 cones at a time and cycle multiple plates per hour offers a level of productivity that can transform your pre-roll department. With the Doob Cube, you're well-equipped to stay ahead in the competitive cannabis industry.

Cone Plate

  • 70mm for <.5g


    84mm for .5g


    98mm for .75g


    109mm for 1g

  • Arrives in 3 - 5 business days.

    Free, discreet shipping to North America.

    International Shipping is $100. We pay the difference.

    Duties vary by country.

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